Thursday, October 30, 2008

MC Router: Nerdcore's Lone McCain Supporter

This Myspace bulletin post from MC Router kinda breaks my heart a little:

"his (Obama's) false promises and superstar personality is gonna ruin our country.

he thinks he can walk in an instantly change the country and make peace.

there are countries that have hated us before we started wars with them.

they didn't hate us because of things we do, they hate us cause its how they are brought up, in some places its even part of their religion.

at least mccain understands that military and security are things that ALWAYS need to come first. i mean wtf dude, obama has NO experience in dealing with the military and he wants to be in charge of it? bullfuck.

i dont want palin as a president, she is too inexperienced and who would want a woman running this country anyway? not me!

but mccain is a very healthy and active human being and has no intentions of letting go of his presidency over the next 8 years.

its SO fucking trendy to vote obama. half of you only vote obama cause its the cool thing to do or its what your friends are doing...or its because the media make obama out to be some sort of superstar.

im voting mccain and it doesnt matter if you think its bullshit, because my vote is a well educated and morally supported vote"

Uh, nothing personal friend, but you have it all wrong. McCain has experience in the military, but what did that get him? For starters, McCain was only admitted to the Naval Academy because of his family connections, a fact that was perfectly illustrated by his graduation at second to the bottom of his class, which was soon follwed by one of the worst flying records in the history of the Navy. Also, having experience is one thing, but if you're an idiot, how much does that experience really help? The problem is that McCain, much like the Bush Administration, is stuck in a cold war mentality with an aim to wage conventional war against unconventional enemies. The strategy in Iraq was costly, destructive, and entirely off base. Obama understands this, and McCain doesn't. John McCain's foreign policies have put this country at greater risk than its ever been before, and they've accomplished absolutely nothing. Thankfully, the old man doesn't stand a chance next week, so we don't have to make a big issue out of it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Dallas DIY Venue?

Yes, maybe some of our dreams might be coming true!  Imagine, one of the largest cities in the United States finally getting a D.I.Y. venue!  Anyway, we don't know much about all of this quite yet (except that we're guessing the folks who run it are interesting in hardcore, metal, grindcore, etc.), but even just a sliver of good news for Dallas proper is worth discussing, no?  Here is a repost we found on Myspace:

SO.​.​.​.​.​.​word has been getti​ng aroun​d that a new music​ venue​ is comin​g.​.​.​.​and it is true!​ We begin​ clean​ing the space​ out and prepa​ring it for use on monda​y!​ We hope to have it going​ and have our first​ show befor​e the end of novem​ber!​ We have a lot of plans​ for this space​,​ in addit​ion to live music​.​ This will be a conve​rgenc​e space​ for many of activ​ities​ and peopl​e.​ Every​thing​ from youth​ outre​ach,​ food not bombs​ comes​ back to dalla​s (​yey!​)​,​ guest​ speak​ers,​ unsch​ooler​ works​hops,​ and more!​ This is going​ to be somet​hing reall​y cool like dalla​s hasn'​t had in a long time.​.​.​and needs​ more than ever.​ We have sever​al indep​enden​t inves​tors that have pitch​ed in to make this happe​n.​ If you would​ like to DONAT​E to the cause​ you can click​ the paypa​l donat​ion butto​n on our page.​.​.​.​or just click​ the link at the botto​m of this email​.​.​.​.​.​send it to all your frien​ds too!​!​!​!​ .Any littl​e bit helps​,​ $1, $2, hell we will take ur pocke​t chang​e!​ If every​ gives​ a littl​e it will do A LOT!​!​ ALL money​ will go towar​ds the space​ and makin​g neces​sary impro​vemen​ts so we can get the doors​ open.​ Also,​ we will be selli​ng food/​drink​s at NO THANK​S this weeke​nd to raise​ money​ as well.​.​.​.​THANK​S AND LOOK FORWA​RD TO MORE UPDAT​ES!​!​

Here is the Myspace page. We'll find out more and get back to you ASAP.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yo Pussy, The Feds Totally Fuckin' Broke Up and Shit, Bro

Wow. Worst band ever? These are like the high school football jocks who started a band because they only made B team. Fuck these guys in the face.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on the outs

tonight - 10/14/2008
the website is going to have a 10 minute partial outage around 10pm then we're going to be fully down for like an hour and a half starting at midnight.. so like no conspiracy theories or nothin.. we're still alive..

p.s. does my work day ever end???

William Claxton dies at 80

Born in Pasadena, California, Claxton's works included a book of photographs of Steve McQueen, and Jazz Life, a book of photographs depicting jazz artists in the 1960s. He was most noted for his photography of jazz musicians including Chet Baker. Claxton also photographed celebrities and models.(src:wikipedia)

article about his life

Friday, October 10, 2008

reckless finance, failed politics, and the global crisis of american capitalism

so we posted some videos of kevin phillips speaking back in july.. repeating his mantra of the last few years.. "it's going to collapse"..

now his mantra is "we're not even close to the bottom"

p.s. sr do you have my copy of Boiling Point?

Thursday, October 9, 2008 charts

charts from our group

if you download, and join our group you will affect these charts.

Animal Collective
Cut Copy
Beach House
Broken Social Scene
Daft Punk
My Bloody Valentine

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Beach House
Abe Vigoda
Animal Collective
French Quarter
Cut Copy
Ruby Suns
Nite Jewel