Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Big J Single Produced by Flying Lotus

Beloved local DJ Big J, one of the founders of Cool Out Mondays at the Cavern and a frequent performer at just about every electro and/or hip hop party in town, has just released a new single featuring Dudley Perkins and produced by hot shit L.A. experimental hip hop DJ/producer Flying Lotus, who gained massive buzz and national critical recognition last year with the release of his second full length album Los Angeles. Just working with such a big name would be enough to get excited for Big J, but what's even better about the whole thing is that the single is actually really goddamn good-- to my knowledge it's one of the poppier things Lotus has ever done, with a super catchy "stuck in your head" vocal hook and fantastic swirls of looped vocals coupled with simple yet solid beat to serve as a backdrop to some pretty great MC performances from J and Perkins that recall performers like Busta Rhymes and maybe even Gang Starr. However, this is no 90's throwback-- it sounds completely fresh, and I wouldn't be surprised if this single did really big things this summer. Download it here for free.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

new vega single reviewed on pitchfork

new vega single "No Reasons" reviewed on pitchfork

At tonight's show they will have, for sale, a special "tour ep" with new tracks.

add your own commentary below.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dennis Gonzalez Reviewed on Cokemachineglow

Cokemachineglow, a far from perfect website that still seems to be much more tolerable than Pitchfork currently is, had some pretty nice things to say about a disc featuring Yells at Eels' Dennis Gonzalez, and you can read about it here. Not that getting a review on a hipster music website is exactly a big deal for someone as recognized as Gonzalez, but, you know, it's pretty cool anyway.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

St. Vincent Receives Best New Music Review on Pitchfork

Former (is it former now? hope so) Polyphonic Spree guitarist Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, received a "Best New Music" review on Pitchfork today, garnering praise in the typically verbose style that Pitchfork has become known for. I personally haven't heard the record, so can't say whether I agree with the review or not, but here are few samples:

Her album covers may showcase her pretty face, but her blank expression and the tight framing leave the images feeling uncomfortably ambiguous.

Her lyrics are sympathetic observations rendered with clear, economical language focused on a specific moment of conflict or epiphany, occasionally undercut with self-deprecating asides and subtle humor.

Subtle humor? You actually find St. Vincent lyrics humorous? Not a knock on St. Vincent, necessarily, but dude needs to get out more. And finally, this gem:

The latter, which takes its title from one of artist Jenny Holzer's best-known aphorisms, is particularly successful in the way its faintest textural details communicate an unease at odds with its airy tone and steady beat.

I've never really been a St. Vincent fan, but Christ, these guys really know how to suck the life out of even a really good record, don't they?

Anyway, if you're interested, you can read it here.