Friday, March 27, 2009

Theater Fire Reviewed On Pitchfork

I had no idea that they've been around for fourteen years. Click here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vega On ABC News

Check out a brief piece on Vega's SXSW experience here. You'll love it. Now you can say "Hey dude, ever heard of Dream Wave?"

Teenage Cool Kids Get Cease And Desist From Cool Kids

Totally ridiculous. There's even a download link for the letter. Read about it here.

More discussion from Teenage Cool Kids themselves here.

Photo by Elizabeth Higgs.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exclusive Roy G and The Biv Download

The Denton-by -way -of- Boston synth-pop group Roy G and the Biv has been accumulating a good deal of local and regional press over the past few months for their shimmery, meticulously crafted stand-out pop tracks.  The strength of their songwriting seems to separate the group from most similar acts in the sense that their songs actually sound like they could be top 40 dance hits in 1985, instead of just sort of reminding you of one (albeit with a goofier, more tongue-in-cheek lyrical approach).  

Anyway, the group has been nice enough to share with us (and you) an exclusive new track off their forthcoming, yet to be titled debut full length, and you can download it directly by clicking here.  It's called "Runnin'," and you'll be able to catch Roy G and the Biv playing it all over Austin during SXSW this year.  Check their Myspace for more info.  

New Sun Club Mix

In case you've missed some of our other posts concerning Sun Club, the Denton based DJ group has started to make a real name for itself in its hometown over the past several weeks. Their Thursday night residency at Rubber Gloves has emerged as an alternative to the long dominant 80's Night with DJ G at Hailey's, gaining steam with healthy sized crowds and a penchant for spinning tracks, both old and new, that most of the younger Denton scenesters probably haven't ever heard before: everything from Cosmic Disco to old school house to minimal, with an emphasis on 4 on the floor rather than academia. We already posted one solid mix from these guys a few weeks ago, and it was good enough to inspire us to post this new one, which comes courtesy of Sun Club's DJ FUR, aka Bryce Isbell. The group will be performing at Rubber Gloves this Thursday as usual, but it will be the last installment of their weekly until April 2nd, so if you want to catch them any time in the next month, its now or never. Free download page is here, tracklist is below:

01 Housi - Les Petits Pilous
02 Nightshift - Leventina
03 Sandcastles (John Dahlback Remix) - DCA Project
04 S.M.U.R.F. - Jive Rhythm Trax
05 Wake Up - Les Petits Pilous
06 Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter Remix) Alan Braxe
07 Buffalo Beats- Buffalo Bunch
08 Kick The Groove (Josh Dupont Remix) - Dj Red

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Dust Congress Out On Paperstain, Release Date Set

Dust Congress just announced its first vinyl release, Regurgitate Sunshine State, out on Paper Stain, the Denton-based recording and label collective. Recorded live and presented on one-sided, baby blue, 12" vinyl, the record will be available on April 4th. Pre-orders are available now with release show details to follow.

Why You Don't See Monday Morning Rock Yet

We're having some software problems this morning that are preventing us from posting Monday Morning Rock on the main page, but you'll see it as soon as we figure out what's up.