Monday, July 28, 2008

WSJR And Our Readers Featured in D Magazine

D Magazine kicked a shout out to us in their most recent issue, the 2008 Best of Big D. Our staff was awarded the "Best Watchdog" award, and they even gave props to our anonymous commenters. Sweet. Read it here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fight Bite in XLR8R, Steregum and Star Telegram today

In a very busy 24 hours of press love for Fight Bite, the Denton group has been featured on XLR8R, Stereogum, and the Fort Worth Star Telegram (this is all in addition to their second appearance on Gorilla Vs. Bear on Monday.) Preston Jones' piece in the Star Telegram is actually wonderfully written and highly complimentary, but the Stereogum piece provides the highest praise for the group, referring to their debut full length, Emerald Eyes, as "possibly the year's finest debut LP." Quite a statement, and quite the exciting news for a very new Denton band. Both of the blog posts feature different MP3s for download, and you can pre-order their LP, as well as a new 7 inch, on their Myspace page.

Observer Music Awards Photos


don't talk back...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Picking on the Observer Isn't Funny Anymore

The following list of Dallas Observer Music Award winners kinda slams home the point that making fun of the Observer and its amazing readers is sort of like picking on a retarded kid for being stupid. DJ Burlap? Fair to Midland's pussy asses winning best metal? 1100 Springs winning everything else? Maybe I SHOULD move to Austin:

Eleven Hundred Springs – Best Band

Sarah Jaffe – Best Solo Act

Eleven Hundred Springs - Best Album

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights - Best Blues Act

Eleven Hundred Springs - Best Country/Roots Act

Mom – Best Electronic/Experimental Act

Fair to Midland - Best Metal Act

Sarah Jaffe - Best Folk/Acoustic Act

Erykah Badu - Best Funk/R&B Act

Astronautalis - Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act

Snarky Puppy - Best Jazz Act

Sarah Jaffe - Best Female Vocalist

Good Records - Best Label

Salim Nourallah - Best Producer

Granada Theater - Best Venue

Good Records - Best Record Store

Kris Youmans - Best Booking Agent

Chelsea Callahan - Best Music Advocate

DJ Burlap - Best DJ

Sean Kirkpatrick - Best Instrumentalist

Boys Named Sue - Best Cover/Tribute Act

Matt Hillyer - Best Male Vocalist

Dove Hunter – Best Indie Act

THe BAcksliders - Best Hard Rock Act

"Slow Southern Home" - Doug Burr - Best Song

Whiskey Folk Ramblers & Tejas Brothers (tie)- Best New Act

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who Wouldn't Want Cowboys Fans Around?

Apparently people in Phoenix, that's who. I personally hate the Cowboys, so I could give two shits. Ban em all!

New Tame... Tame and Quiet Tracks

Ft. Worth's Tame... Tame and Quiet have an entire set of new tracks posted on their Myspace page... you can click on the link above and go over there and listen to them and stuff.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upcoming Shows You Might Care About

July 24th: Wolf Parade (Palladium)
August 2nd: Big Daddy Kane (Granada)
August 8th: Ariel Pink (Hailey's)
August 22nd: Miss Kitten (Palladium)
August 23rd: My Morning Jacket (Palladium)
September 4th: Weedeater (Rubber Gloves)
September 5th: Mudhoney (Granada)
September 9th: Why/Mount Eerie (Granada)
September 16th: Ratatat (Granada)
September 2oth: Silver Jews (Hailey's)
September 23rd: Juan MacLean (The Loft)
September 25th: Spiritualized (Lakewood Theater)
September 25th: Hot Chip (Palladium)
October 2nd: Jonathan Richman (Rubber Gloves)
October 13th: Magnetic Fields (Majestic Theater)
October 15th: Robert Pollard (The Loft)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swiss House show photos

Check Swiss House photos of Fight Bite, MVSCLZ, Tommy Boy, and Hard Place here.

Magnetic Fields to Play Majestic Theater

Magnetic Fields will make a rare appearance in Dallas on October 13th at the Majestic Theater. Tickets go on sale at 10am this Friday via Ticketmaster. Can't wait for this. The rest of the tour info is here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

senate votes on the telcos free pass

Today (7/9/2008) the FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) bill comes to a vote on the senate floor. The new version of FISA grants immunity to the telcos from lawsuits for their cooperation with the government on domestic spying post 9/11.

Some say all those that support the bill should be punished

Obama who originally opposed the bill; now supports the bill to look "tough" on the terrorist.

here are some back stories.
Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut
AT&T Whistle-Blower Hits D.C. To Stop Telcom Spying Immunity

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

huge sale at public trust

The Public Trust Presents...

PAPER JAM: 2 Day Print Sale.

Fri. July 18th 12-9PM (Paper Jam Party from 6-9PM)
Sat. July 19th, 2008 12-6PM

The more prints you purchase the bigger discount you receive, up to 40%
off. These are all original prints signed and editioned by the artists.
Prints will be available from: Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, Dalek, Mike
Giant, Jeremy Fish, Mel Kadel, Michael Sieben, Travis Millard, Brian
Gibb, Jay Ryan, Steven Hopwood-Lewis, Mark Ryden, Gary Taxali and

2919-C Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Schedule

Well we got our hands on a copy of the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Schedule before the paper released it to the public, and we thought we'd share it with you. There are a few highlights here and there (Akkolyte; Hawatha; Yells at Eels; etc.), but I honestly couldn't imagine sitting through even one of these shows in full. Could you? For the most part, it looks like pretty much any other subpar night on Greenville Ave. The showcases take place on the evening of July 19th, and sets start every hour on the hour beginning at 7pm. How this is better than the Quick Awards (as the Observer claimed it would be), I'm just not sure:

Billiard Bar
1920 Greenville Ave

Holy Diver
Carmen Rodgers
Yells at Ells
Spector 45
Whiskey Folk Ramblers

1914 Greenville Ave

The Frenz
Hawatha Hurd
Sean Kirkpatrick
Bridges and Blinking Lights

Gezellig 2010 Greenville Ave

Naptime Shake
Snarky Puppy
Inner City All Stars
Cool Out
Blixa Boy

Stout 1924 Greenville Ave

Glen Reynolds
The Slack
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
Salim Nourallah and the Noise

Sugar Shack 1909 Greenville Ave

100 Damned Guns
the Backsliders
Sydney Confirm
Dove Hunter
Wild in the Streets

Monday, July 7, 2008

Video From History at Our Disposal Cell Phone Show

The guys from History at Our Disposal have sent us some video footage from their recent cell phone show.  During the live performance at Hailey's a couple weeks back, fans from around the country were invited to email photos from their cell phones live, and the images were added into a video presentation by Martin Illes right there on the spot.  There are more of these videos to come, apparently, but this one provides a good idea of what the show was like:

New Farah Tracks Posted

If you cruise over to Farah's Myspace page, you'll find the first of three new tracks that she'll be posting on her page over the next three days (one each day).  The first track is called "Bruise Color Blue" and it's quite different from the stuff she'd been working on with producer Johnny Jewel-- the track has a much harder and more sinister edge to it while maintaining that kind of weird sensuality that all of Farah's tracks seem to contain.  It's sort of like M.I.A. doing a cover of "Justify My Love."  The new sort of hip hop meets industrial sound comes courtesy of Los Angeles producer GSpider, and it's pretty interesting to say the least.  

Saturday, July 5, 2008

sun city girls photos

Click here.

no age photos

Sorry it took so long, but here are some photos from the No Age show at The Loft. Enjoy!

happy bday america!

hope the hang over isn't too bad!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Zanzibar Snails Reviewed in Latest Edition of The Wire

Denton/DFW area's Zanzibar Snails recently received a very positive review in June 2008's edition of Wire Magazine, perhaps the most respected avant/experimental/improv music periodical in the world. To put this into perspective just a bit, a positive review in Wire is to a group like Zanzibar Snails what a review in Spin Magazine is to a group of douchebags. Wire covers a very select set of the best in avant, noise, improv, outsider, and modern composition from all over the world, and a positive review in the magazine is truly an honor that should not be underestimated just because most of the people hanging out on Greenville Ave. haven't ever heard of it. Since I couldn't get a link to the review, here it is, reprinted in full:

Zanzibar Snails Krakkatowiak MAYYRH 3” CD: From Denton, the past home of Texas’s space rock programme, The Zanzibar Snails have emerged as one of the region’s more interesting units over the past couple of years. They appear as a quartet here, using feedback, sax, electronics and percussion to create an extremely neat kind of racket. The feel is akin to The Dead C jamming with Paul Flaherty, and you’d have to agree, that’s a good goddamn feel. - Byron Coley, THE WIRE

Zanzibar Snails have two shows coming up this month, including July 19th at Hailey's and July 22nd at Rubber Gloves with Harvey Milk.