Tuesday, September 30, 2008

meridian room closed

The home to many a We Shot JR meeting; The Meridian Room is closed..

The current excuse is that the State Fair pushed them out. Because Expo Park is dead with the State Fair going on.. which is strange because this weekend, tons of people were at Expo Park.. And when is the availability of a few million more customers an issue?? There's probably more to this story then what has been given to the media outlets, and their employees.. but I guess unlike Pegasus News, and The Observer I don't accept explanations with glaring holes in logic.. but like Pegasus News, and the Observer, I'll simply be too lazy to get more information about it.

Maybe we can blame the credit crisis??

Oh yeah, nobody buys cd's anymore.. so.. Cd World closed also..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

free hot chip tickets

well not free free.. but..

for each can of food you bring, and for each cd you buy at good records you will get a hot chip ticket

so you now have a choice..
you could be a jerk and buy a 30 cent can of beans, and a 4 dollar ctr cd..
or you can be a nice person, and bring 4+ cans of beans, and purchase a cd..

either way your not payin for a 20 buck ticket that has an additional 8 dollar ticket master charge..

remember people are hungry, hot n miserable down south.. help'em out

We Shot J.R.--Best Local Music Blog in "Best of Big D"

Hmm... kind of hard to determine how to react to this somewhat backhanded compliment, but I guess the main point is that I am smart and most of you are dumb.  How does that make you feel?   

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

let's play... WALL STREET BAILOUT!

i think i know who is going to end up losing

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Knight House to Open in Denton on Saturday

In case you didn't know, there are a lot of things going on in Denton on Saturday night, and the one we might be looking forward to the most will occur at a house located at 1433 Knight St., which has been dubbed, strangely enough, The Knight House. Here is a bit about it, directly from the source:

The "Knight House" is a new house venue looking to cater to new media/electronics based artists. The house is run by Darcy Neal who is a fresh young texas girl trying to create a stir in the artistic culture of Denton County. She aspires to create an art collective in this new space. They have dedicated a room for painting and sculpture, another room that's dedicated to works in clay, with a kiln and a wheel, and a space for electronic related gear and work.

Saturday's line up looks very solid as well:

Operation Playmate

And here is a bit about Austin's Operation Playmate, who will also be playing the DMA late night on Friday night:

Austin "electro-naut " Eric Archer conjures polyrhythmic electronic music from an array of hand-built synth and drum circuitry, a raw mess of bare boards and exposed wiring soldered together with love for minimalist design and generative composition. His recent work has been featured regularly in the Make Magazine blog, including "The Electric Gongs", a sound art installation designed for Austin Childrens' Museum.

Erich Ragsdale bio:

Erich Ragsdale is a musician, DJ, and filmmaker who deals in the synthesis of future art forms using forgotten media formats of the past. He currently performs with Low Red Center, mVsclz, Pataphysics, and recently completed "Stereopticon", an installation of stereoscopic photography at Austin's The Opera House.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

register to vote!

you have until the 8th for the presidential
information here

also.. vote for your weshotjr fav's here http://vote.weshotjr.com

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pink Floyd's Richard Wright, Dead at 65...

Of cancer. He had some really great moments, specifically "Paint Box" and "Summer '68." LINK

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

last.fm charts

charts from our last.fm group

if you download last.fm, and join our group you will affect these charts.

1 M83
2 Grizzly Bear
3 The Magnetic Fields
4 Lindstrøm
5 The Beatles
6 Deerhoof
7 Caribou
8 Black Moth Super Rainbow
9 Why?
0 Nirvana

unique to our group
1 Mayo Thompson
2 Adrian Orange
3 The Ex
4 The Ventures
5 Lindstrøm
6 U.S. Girls
7 Luna
8 Karl Blau
9 Atlas Sound
0 Hercules & Love Affair

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new itunes available

apple released a new 'revamped' itunes.
download it here

Mundo Live on Vienna's Play FM

Dallas dubstep producer Jason Mundo is in the middle of a highly successful tour of Europe right now, and since most of you won't be able to catch him while he's over there, you might want to click on this link and head over to Play FM to hear a live mix from Mundo, broadcast from Vienna, Austria. The link to his set is at the top of the page, and other mixes are available from high profile DJs such as Switch if you're interested. You can get more info here, including links to the mix itself, which is, according to Mundo, taking place live at 3PM central time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes, Intelligence really IS playing Club Dada on Tuesday

These people should really start paying me for this bullshit. Despite the fact that Club Dada's website (Myspace page) does NOT show it on their calendar, Portland's acclaimed Intelligence (feat. members of A Frames) will be playing there Tuesday night with locals Wax Museums. The show also hasn't found its way on to any of the major local show lists either, and we only found out about it thanks to a comment in the comments section of today's Monday Morning Rock. So, way to go readers!

Oh, and way to go Deep Ellum too! I guess if it isn't Black Brian Jonestowncycle Club, no one gives a shit in that neighborhood. Lets try to advertise the few decent shows that DO happen down there before we cry about the ones that don't, ok guys? At least make us feel bad when we tell people that your venues aren't worth visiting.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

like new photos posted!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

weekly last.fm charts

charts from our last.fm group

1 Deerhunter
2 The Clientele
3 Slayer
4 Pavement
5 Wu-Tang Clan
6 Nirvana
7 Midlake
8 Nas
9 The Black Angels
0 Fleetwood Mac

unique to our group
1 Fight Bite
2 Tim and Eric
3 Gary Wilson
4 Lee Hazlewood
5 The Dead Milkmen
6 Todd Rundgren
7 The Clientele
8 Harry Nilsson
9 Hercules & Love Affair
0 The Black Angels

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

obama supporter meet n greet

obama supporter meet n greet at all good cafe between 7-8pm thursday sept. 4..

one time at all good i ordered coffee, mimosa, water, and a chili dog.. then after that was finished.. i split a short stack with my friend.. true story.. they also have a cute staff.. another true story..

Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Download: New Tommyboy Mix (Link Fixed)

Tommy Boy, who has become one of our favorite new DJs this year (local or otherwise) has a new mix for download. Get it here.