Tuesday, May 27, 2008

one soldiers confession

CADD art fair this weekend


And/Or Gallery // Barry Whistler Gallery // Conduit Gallery // Craighead-Green Gallery // Gerald Peters Gallery // Holly Johnson Gallery // Marty Walker Gallery // PanAmerican ArtProjects // The Public Trust // Road Agent // Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

$45 advance purchase (purchase tickets here), or $60 at the door (ticket valid for all fair days)
Hosted by Modern Luxury Dallas with complimentary valet parking, cocktails & hors d'Ĺ“uvres.

9:45 PM Music by Austin band Shapes Have Fangs.


$10, or $5 with student I.D.
(ticket valid for Saturday & Sunday)

2:00 PM Paige West, author of The Art of Buying Art, and founder of Mixed Greens in New York, breaks through the misconceptions about contemporary art and inspires the discovery of the joy of collecting original works of art.


$10, or $5 with student I.D.
(ticket valid for Saturday & Sunday)

2:00 PM New Media Panel with Lauren Cornell, Executive Director of Rhizome and Adjunct Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art; Paul Slocum, Director of And/Or Gallery, artist, and musician in the band Treewave; Kevin Bewersdorf, artist and musician. Moderated by Noah Simblist, Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Southern Methodist University.

3:30 PM Dallas Issues: Care and Conservation with John T. Campbell, Conservator, The Nasher Sculpture Center; Lyzanne Gann, Conservator of Photographs; Shannon Phillips and Tish Brewer, Conservators of Art on Paper and Documents, The Center for Art Conservation. Cheryl Vogel, curator at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden, will moderate the discussion.


Monday, May 26, 2008

more photos

from strawberry fields denton deluxe part 1 @ rubbergloves


swiss house:


Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Year to release new music and perform new shows

You have to respect the legendary stoicism and restraint of the brothers Kadane, founders of two of Dallas' greatest exports, Bedhead and The New Year. Here we have a preview to their newest music in years, and probably the most ear catching aspect of this video is the deft mic placement:

The group will be playing three stripped down Texas dates as The Kadane Brothers, and I hope to attend at least a couple of them:


The Kadane Brothers

6/26 - Austin, TX - Emo's
6/27 - Fort Worth, TX - Lola's w/Shearwater
6/28 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater w/Centromatic

And as a reminder of why this is news, here's a new video for an older track:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Swiss House Show this Saturday

The Swiss House, located at 3114 Swiss Ave, just confirmed the following show for this Saturday, May 24th:

Teenage Cool Kids and Trifle Tower Play KVRX

To mark the beginning of their summer tour, Teenage Cool Kids and Trifle Tower will play live on KVRX 97.1 in Austin tomorrow, and you can tune in here. Check the website to find out what time and stuff.

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Fizzy Dino Pop Remixes

Denton by way of Austin group Fizzy Dino Pop have released two new remixes on their Myspace page, Ghosthustler's "Someone Else's Ride" and Mortoric Mathematics' "Everything on E Bay." Check em out by clicking the link above. We'll have more on these guys soon mostly likely.

Dust Congress Download from KTCU

If you want a free download of Dust Congress' performance on KTCU's The Good Show, click here and get it. These downloads are divided up for you too, in case you don't want to listen to the entire thing.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicks Dig Radiohead, Right?

Over the past few days, I've seen tons of Myspace bulletins concerning Sunday's Radiohead show at Starplex. People looking for tickets, people selling tickets, people bragging about having tickets, people crying about NOT having tickets. Basically, Radiohead's first Dallas show in a long time seems like it's going to be a big event. Anyway, below is my favorite Radiohead related Myspace bulletin, posted by a friend of WSJR this morning (who I won't name out of the kindness of my heart):


I have an extra ticket to Radiohead on Sunday and currently have nobody to go with. Since I am feeling a bit out of the ordinary. I thought I would do something completely different from the norm. So here it is...

If you are an attractive, single, fun, female that loves Radiohead just as much as I do. Then, you automatically qualify to be my potential date for the show. If you are chosen, I will take you out to brunch (Mimosas included). Next we will headout to the theater to view a movie. After, we will go to a small Radiohead Pre-party on the roof of my friends place. Then, when we are all nice a toasty. We will venture off to see the best band in the whole entire world.

Sound like fun?!

What do you have to do, you ask? Well, simply send me a message explaining the reasons why I should pick you to go to Radiohead with me. The winner will be chosen on Saturday evening. So, I know this sounds all too weird but trust me... You will have a blast! DO IT!


Dude brah, I think you wanna take her to brunch the morning AFTER the date, know what I mean?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Death Continuum on Hiatus

They just posted this Myspace Message:

(the band).....is undergoing yet another of it's famous hiatus's, effective now. Due to personal issues, one member essential to the current line-up is opting out. I cannot currently perform with the remainder of the line-up as is, so I am dissolving the line-up until I can reconvene a better-working unit.........but with each death, a rebirth, right? That's part of the reason it's Life-Death Continuum. The initial idea has still not been put out of it's misery, and other ideas which have been stifled are screaming to get out. Every time I attempt this with new people, it's better than the last time....This is just my muse conspiring with the other drivers of my fate to force me to get this damn thing right.....So stay tuned yet, my ever faithful........the apocalypse is on the horizon,,,,,,,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ecstatic Sunshine/Cool Out photos



Secret Dark Meat Show Tonight @ Rubber Gloves

 Vice Records' Dark Meat usher in the second era of Vice Magazine (the one where the downward spiral begins) tonight with a surprise show at Rubber Gloves.  I believe it's free since it's Big Ass Beer Night, and it's supposed to start some time around 11 I think.

Robert Rauschenberg died today

Read the article here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Stay Cool Swag School Video

A video from last Thursday's Stay Cool Swag School Party at Rubber Gloves. We gave away some CDs at this thing, and I think we might be working with these dudes again at their next party. Anyway, here it is:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The New York Times in Denton

DATE: 5/9/08
TO: Lionel Beehner
FROM: Editor, New York Times Travel Section
RE: Your article on the "indie" music scene in Denton, TX

Mr. Beehner:

I am writing to inform you that I have approved your article covering the "indie" music scene in Denton, TX for publication in the Saturday print edition of the Times. I wanted to congratulate you on a well written piece, as well as to point out several instances in which your talent for framing a story really stands out in the article.

In the very first sentence, you mention both "Piggly Wiggly,"(apparently some kind of quaint regional food market originating in Texas) and "dusty pawnshops," which is highly important due to the fact that every story printed about Texas in an elistist coastal newspaper must include at least one reference to "dust," "dust devils," "dusty pawnshops" or "steers and queers." You also round out the first paragraph quite well with your reference to "everyone in town" wearing their Mean Green shirts on game day. After all, this is fucking Texas, and those shit kicking Republican traditionalists "love them some goddamn football" down there (or however the hell they say it).

Finally, your summary of the Denton sound as "a lo-fi melange of southern twang and experimental indie rock that suggests Wilco and Radiohead" was spot on. After all, southern twang is what people expect from Texas, and I'll be goddamned if we're not gonna give it to em (or however they say it down there). And let us not forget your reference to Wilco (that really cool band we used to write about six or seven years ago that someone played for us at that dinner party on 85th St., right?), as well as Radiohead (that really cool band we used to write about when they did that one amazing thing a couple months ago and then we heard the Mp3 like two weeks ago at that dinner party on 76th St, right?). Both were very hip and accurate references that completely describe the sound of almost every band in Denton.

Thanks again for your hard work. Stories on Texas don't write themselves, and you've done a fantastic job exposing the real grit of their funny little country infested local music scene.

PS-- The cowboy hat pic is GREAT!!!

(PPS-- I actually didn't think the article was all THAT bad, and I'm glad it was written. I'm just sick of seeing that same shit every time I read an article about Texas music.--SR)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

bike house rummage sale today (5/10)

Tony Bones n crew are havin a rummage sale to pay various fines their house has aquired..

So if you've been too one of their punch(as in fist) filled parties then roll on by, and purchase or donate stuff.

5640 Vickery right off of Greenville. Fun starts at 2.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stars of the Lid/ Mom photos

Check em out...


Who the Hell are Pyramids?

Micahel Chamy sent us an email a couple weeks ago about Pyramids, a Denton band that we had never heard of. Apparently, they just recently signed to Hydrahead, and according to their Myspace page, they've already been reviewed by publications such as Pitchfork. Who are these guys, and why had no one in the local press ever heard of them before? I have no idea. Their music has been compared to Jesu, as well as a number of other shoegaze touchstones including My Bloody Valentine. I'm not really hearing the latter comparison, like at all, but I can sort of see the Jesu thing, as well as similarities to groups like Alcest, some of the more atmospheric moments of Boris, and even stuff like Panda Bear's first album and the excellent Atlas Sound record. If you're familiar with any of the aforementioned influences, none of this stuff is likely to shock your system, but we're interested to find out a bit more. We were reminded of all this when we saw a post about it on Denton Rock City today. Strange stuff.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ghosthustler Release Instrumental Remix track

It is their first one since Alan Palomo left the group, and you can hear it on their Myspace page.

Strawberry Fields Update

A message from Strawberry Fields:

Just in case anyone was wondering wazzup...

1. As the result of late night negotiations last night, we have worked out a deal to stay around the rest of the month. All shows are still on. Street Hassle CD release this Saturday! We are going to ask that these last couple shows be $2 instead of $1 to help out with the lease extension, that would be ever so kind.

2. We will be opening at our new location Wednesday June 4th.

3. On May 23rd and 24th at Rubber Gloves we will be hosting a denton Deluxe showcase featuring bands that have appeared on our compilation and also who we have had the pleasure to host at the store. This was in the works long before all the drama, funny how things work out. Line up are as follows I think, if I am wrong about something here, please correct. It's been a hectic couple of weeks.

Friday 23rd:Nouns Group, Fight Bite, J.Gray, Florene, Vervulf, Violent Squid, Peach Street Gang (first ever live performance!), RTB2Saturday

May 24th:Kaboom!, Street Hassle, deep Snapper, Eat Avery's Bones, Delphi, Zanzibar Snails, The International

4. We would like to plan an all day all night rowdy ass party to see our dear friend off to sea. One last all day party at the fields. We need bands and DJs. We are going to open up the back part, which we had been working on for so long , and use it as an ass shaking dance area so we need some DJs. We are going to shake it till the cops kick us out. So get ready.

5. No more rentals until after the move. If you have a movie out please return it. Especially if it is pornography. If any one has questions and or comments open it up.