Thursday, March 27, 2008

Farah, Koji Kondo, Fight Bite Nominated For Quick Awards

Some noteworthy nominations:

- Ghosthustler, The Great Tyrant and Mom for "Big Group"

- Shane English for "Big Solo Act"

- Koji Kondo and Treewave for "Big Live Act"

- Angry Businessmen for "Big Album"

- Farah and Fight Bite for "Next Big Thing"

You can see all the nominees here, and check out the panel (which includes yours truly) here. There are some people on that list who probably weren't too happy that we participated.


Anonymous said...

that is really awesome that
Shane got nominated.

foodie said...

it's sweet that Fight Bite got nominated, and Angry Businessmen, and Koji Kondo, Treewave, Ghosthustler, Mom, Shane English, and more.

Anonymous said...

regular wsjr readers should vote on this shit just so fucking black tie dynasty doesn't win a damn thing. spite.

Anonymous said...

"next best thing" to fall asleep to after vomiting all night from eating a bag of shitty mushrooms, maybe. but no, not in general. there's no way we're that desperate yet.

Anonymous said...

saw florene on the 'next' thing or whatever too. saw them past weekend. they were great.