Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kyle Comments Banned

Ok, we're sick of this shit.  Time for a change!  Just like we banned the phrase "jumped the shark" a while back, we're now banning all comments made by anyone who posts under the name "kyle," as well as any anonymous comments relating to or appearing to come from you-know-who.  As most of you know, we are extremely hesitant to ban or erase anyone for saying anything around here, and we basically never do such things under any circumstances.  However, the constant thread jacking and reposts are getting ridiculous and hindering discussion, and shit, this is our blog, so we do what we want!  We apologize to anyone else who happens to be named Kyle.  Any Kyle comments that appear from here on out will be erased.  Thanks.  


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Chad said...

The end or an era.

Anonymous said...

i think this really solves a lot....


Anonymous said...


cultish games at night said...

this should only invite more devious methods of self promotion and ego flaunting. I'm curious to see how effective this will be. I APPLAUD YOU IN YOUR EFFORTS!!!

thank god this dark period is almost behind us, and by "dark period" I don't mean Cheat-them's MOMs afterbirth!!! God knows she had to live with that shit everyday for 18 years

Anonymous said...

this blog jumped the kyle.

Anonymous said...

11:36 made me laugh.

miley cyrus said...

Thanks y'all! He was getting really annoying.

kyle said...


Anonymous said...

if youre going to go down the censorship route ban all tim duncan comments

Anonymous said...

i thought you-know-who was voldemort?

Anonymous said...

i have to say though, it is kindof a shame, some of those threads were really fun.

Anonymous said...

not as fun as my flaming hemmeroids.

Anonymous said...

I thought the whole point of this blog being anonymous was to throw shit around without the fear of being banned by the music community.

What is going to stop people from making the same type of posts under a different name? What if a different person named Kyle comes on to post? what if erasing comments instead of writing better posts isn't enough to save this blog?

I guess I don't care enough to find out.

response to 5:31 said...

thanks leyk for your input. we'll be waiting for your next freakout. i must suck for you to have to post anonymously.

stonedranger said...

But you care enough to write all that? I appreciate your concern, but let me say this-- yes, part of the point of this site is to give people the power of anonymity so that they can speak freely about whatever they want. However, the value of this site diminishes when commentators make it difficult to have conversations of any kind. Kyle was dominating all of the threads with his useless garbage and reposts... we gave him a couple weeks to speak his mind, and after a while, he just started repeating himself and reposting very long and completely irrelevant comments in every post. We thought we gave him a fair chance to speak his mind, but we felt that after a while, his comments began taking away from everyone's ability to speak about other things in the comments section, and we decided that the best thing for everyone would be to control his comments since he obviously can't control himself. We don't take that kind of thing lightly, but feel like it had to be done. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

plus kyle sucks

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kyle said...

jumped the shark

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