Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Knight House to Open in Denton on Saturday

In case you didn't know, there are a lot of things going on in Denton on Saturday night, and the one we might be looking forward to the most will occur at a house located at 1433 Knight St., which has been dubbed, strangely enough, The Knight House. Here is a bit about it, directly from the source:

The "Knight House" is a new house venue looking to cater to new media/electronics based artists. The house is run by Darcy Neal who is a fresh young texas girl trying to create a stir in the artistic culture of Denton County. She aspires to create an art collective in this new space. They have dedicated a room for painting and sculpture, another room that's dedicated to works in clay, with a kiln and a wheel, and a space for electronic related gear and work.

Saturday's line up looks very solid as well:

Operation Playmate

And here is a bit about Austin's Operation Playmate, who will also be playing the DMA late night on Friday night:

Austin "electro-naut " Eric Archer conjures polyrhythmic electronic music from an array of hand-built synth and drum circuitry, a raw mess of bare boards and exposed wiring soldered together with love for minimalist design and generative composition. His recent work has been featured regularly in the Make Magazine blog, including "The Electric Gongs", a sound art installation designed for Austin Childrens' Museum.

Erich Ragsdale bio:

Erich Ragsdale is a musician, DJ, and filmmaker who deals in the synthesis of future art forms using forgotten media formats of the past. He currently performs with Low Red Center, mVsclz, Pataphysics, and recently completed "Stereopticon", an installation of stereoscopic photography at Austin's The Opera House.


Anonymous said...

they froze all the scorpions

mc said...

This sounds awesome. Eric Archer is also in the mind-blowingly rad Austin/New Orleans drone ensemble Numbers on the Mast.

swiss said...

nods to tommyboy for putting this together.
sounds rad.

the ridenour explosion said...

you know, i went and it was lame. this place just ain\'t got what it takes.

guess the \"big fish/little pond\" thing was just a pipedream.

but the videos provided by jonah and tommy boy were fucking awesome, as well as the afterhours performances by local aging alcoholics.

paul slocum said...

I had fun. Look forward to seeing what they do in the future...

Anonymous said...

big fish little pond? fuck jonah. he sucks and is a pompous ass.

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OK 1:35 said...

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/late to the Party

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