Tuesday, November 4, 2008

some old dood talking about todays election

so which centrist right politician who doesn't represent public opinion did you vote for?


Anonymous said...

If you care so much about representing public opinion, maybe you should run for office instead of running a shitty blog and record label- neither of which represent anything but consumerism.

Anonymous said...

dear consumer 11:39,

fuck you. don\'t buy anything if you think you\'re immune.

cliff notes said...

11:39 I think the point is.. that you can\'t be a politician unless you represent elite opinion. my opinion does not represent elite opinion so in order for me to change how politics, and policy formation works in the U.S. I must work outside those boundaries. Which is what I do in a few ways including what i\'m doing, and SR/DL are doing by having a media outlet outside the elite owned media.

now onto your other points.
I\'m not sure how running a commercial free, and subscription free source of information has anything to do with consumerism..

i\'m not sure how running a record label which doesn\'t advertise, and is selling music in a obscure format not used by the masses at near costs represents consumerism..

I would maybe suggest reading up on.. consumerism.. commercialism.. and capitalism..

you will find definite differences in all 3..

Anonymous said...

You can\'t be a politician if you don\'t run for office. At the very least if you want a politician to represent your interests you could start by working to get some people who represent your interests elected.

City councilors in Dallas get elected on a thousand votes. That is something that can easily be influenced. But you\'d rather just complain I am sure.

As for your argument against what you do being nothing more than supporting consumerism: Commercial free? So what? Everything you write about is about consuming. Consuming music. Consuming alcohol. Your blog IS advertisement.

\'Selling music\' you said it yourself. You can\'t sell without consumers. No one needs your records.

cliff notes said...

You can be a politician without running for office.. Any individual that is politically active, and holds some influence in governance is a politician.

now on to your other points..

if our blog was about consumerism.. then we would only generate content, and not allow readers to generate content.. your ability to make an anonymous comment with ease is a case in point that we are not a consumer based source of media.

this blog is about participation. without readers without comments without music. it would not exists.

this is why you should get yourself familiar with the concepts of consumerism. consumerism asks you to consume in order to be happy. we ask you to participate(which includes consuming, and producing) without any promises of happiness.

If we\'re an advert.. then I really wonder who we\'re an advert for??

Anonymous said...

You are an advertisement for all the bands, shows, and events you ADVERTISE. Are you an idiot?

Anonymous said...

And the idea that because you allow comments on your blog means anything at all is hilarious

Anonymous said...

So writing about shows is just advertising? Even if you do it for fucking free? Is a movie review tearing a movie apart an advertisement? How about bad food reviews that cause a restaurant to close? On the flip-side, if someone genuinely liked a book and wrote about it, is that mere advertising?
2:56, hate to break it to you, but it sounds like you\'re the fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

An \'It List\' which essentially serves as nothing more than to drive people and thereby dollars to the items listed isn\'t advertising?

Something doesn\'t need to cost money to be advertising. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

There is usually criticism on an It List. It makes suggestions and oftentimes suggests what you shouldn\'t do. That\'s different than simply advertising. An advertisement is usually devoid of a real opinion. I don\'t think this site cares whether or not the clubs really make their money. You didn\'t answer any of the questions you were in the 4:30 post. Is a book review an advertisement and nothing more? I don\'t think you know what you\'re talking about. How about full-length books that pick apart an author\'s works. Nothing but advertising? By your logic, don\'t read any review or overview or description because it\'s simply an ad. Oh, and please tell me all the ways you\'re immune to this consumerist culture you\'re so above. You\'re posting here and giving your opinion. Does that mean you\'re advertising for this site. Something doesn\'t need to cost money to be advertising. Ok, so you\'re trying to make that argument. That doesn\'t explain why money is mentioned in the two major definitions you\'ll find in the Oxford or Merriam-Webster. Check it out, dude.

Anonymous said...

Who said I was immune or above it?

Learn how to read.

Anonymous said...

Learn how to write. That\'s usually the problem.

Anonymous said...

Noam Chomsky is a true American. :(

Anonymous said...

\"represent anything but consumerism\"
--That\'s awful negative, don\'t you think? Music is awesome and i like it so much I\'d pay someone to make it// host the act making it of it. I come here because like everyone else, man I just wanna know where that music iz at dogg. I like to think it primarily represents music and fun. yay.

\"the idea that you allow comments on blog means anything at all is hilarious\"
--- BRODOGGY. The centerpiece of this blog is the debate created by us anons. As completely vulgar and dumb and misinformed it often is it often over shadows the musicians that the reviewers recommend or did not recommend us to go see. LIKE TOTALLY RIGHT NOW. Your cynical ass has directed the debate of this thread and all comments are equal as shiiiit. The choice itself, to allow a comments section may not have had meaning but it creates a forum where we can have discussions that are meaningful. kind of.

I\'m also a true American. I was born in America.

Anonymous said...

also. dear cliffnotes fix this. \"\"\"\"\"
\' \"\"\"\"\"\"\" \' \"\"\"\"\" that\'s what\'s there\'s wouldn\'t couldn\'t
///// \'\'\'\'\' \"\"\"\"

cliff notes said...

1:33 sorry it\'s on my to-do list..

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