Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loop 12 Show Friday

This should be a good time:

Hosted By: And/Or Gallery

When: 25/01/2008

Where: And/Or Gallery

4221 Bryan St. Ste B

Dallas, Texas 75204


Dallas-based experimental sound collective Loop12 will bring their latest sonic and visceral destructions to the And/Or Gallery Friday, January 25. The group plans to explore playful identity loss, dark wet felt, gangster computer god controls and surround-sight. Samplings and treatments commence promptly at 8:30pm.

Visit Loop12's official website for more info or get their new releases on iTunes or Amazon

Click Here To View Event


shane said...

who is this? this sounds really good.

blackmarketfunnelcakes said...

I fixed the links so you should be able to check out their website. www.loop12.org

Johnny Singularity said...

Note the time. Get there early. I\'ll be sampling audience voices prior to the event to mix into the fray.

anonagon said...