Friday, April 18, 2008

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there are no wolves here said...

Denton updates!!!

Silk Stocking is off the Hailey's show/UFO Fest on sat

and: Concernathon fri night

Jetscreamer and Burnt Sienna Trio canceled, White Drugs added.

Friday April 18 ---
Record Hop 12:15
Shiny Around the Edges 11:30
Bridges and Blinking Lights 10:45
Tre Orsi 10:00
White Drugs 9:15
Handbrake 8:30
Last Men 7:45

7:00pm doors

- sat: Strawberry Fields
Ryan Thomas Becker 7pm
Will E Lee 8pm
starhead 9pm
Brent Best 10pm
the Triggermen 11pm


Fri: J&J's 8pm, free - donations to Relay for Life

Fire Nation
Ella Minnow
Machine Gun Hand



Dan's Silverleaf (on the patio - FREE - 6pm)

The Lads
Mike McConnell & Chris Welch
Cody Robinson
Admiral David V.
Sarah Alexander
Chris Garver


Anonymous said...

do you actually pick up everything in your p.o. box?

there are no wolves here said...

url updates?
brent best:


there are no wolves here said...

07 may @ 9pm!!

Will Kapinos of Jetscreamer in a solo performance.
also: starhead.

at: wine squared, denton ( on the square)

thanks fer yer time.

there are no wolves here said...

oh and a free show. fix'd flyer.