Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Last Word on Obama's "Bittergate"

Not surprisingly, the most insightful and relevant reaction to Barack Obama's comments about bitter rural voters and their tendency to dwell on wedge issues comes from Thomas Frank, a man who was dragged into the most recent campaign back and forth thanks to the widely publicized assumption that Obama might have based some of his comments on Franks' 2005 book What's the Matter with Kansas. Please read his op-ed in Sunday's Wall Street Journal. And props to the Journal (never thought I would type THAT sentence fragment) for giving Frank a weekly column in the paper. I'm looking forward to many more.

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i'm far away said...

I know this is way old, but I wanted to say thanks anyway for posting this column. I'm abroad right now I referred back to this article a lot when people would ask that one American to "comment" on Obama's elitism. I hate talking politics, but I really loved this piece.