Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strange Boys Reviewed on Pitchfork

Seems to be a great year for musicians who USED to live in Dallas or Denton, doesn't it? As both St. Vincent and Alan Palomo have seen great rises in their national profiles in 2009,ex-Dallasites the Strange Boys, now based in Austin, are getting into the action too, with their recent signing to In The Red coming amongst rumors of much bigger signings potentially happening in the near future. And now, soon after their In The Red debut, a solid review in Pitchfork thats surprisingly on the money, particularly here:

"the Strange Boys are the kind of band that seem weirder and more threatening the nicer they play it..."

A highly subjective observation that still seems to hit the nail right on the head. Read the rest here. This is like the 4th Pitchfork review I've read all year that I haven't hated, too.

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