Tuesday, May 27, 2008

one soldiers confession


sallyglass said...

thank you for posting this.

getnice said...

"Any time we did have embedded reporters with us, our actions would change drastically. We never acted the same, we were always on key with everything, did everything by the books."

We know so little about what goes on.

VJ said...

"We know so little about what goes on."

And most care even less.

Myth makes money and makes Americans feel good about themselves.

Facts have exactly the opposite effect.

People are fucking kidding themselves if they think politicians are going to end this war - oh, and that other one - after the next election. And they're completely fucking stupid if they think its architects aren't still preparing to EXPAND it into Iran.

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cliff notes said...

we all believe myths.. thats how 'it' works..
iran has been off the table for a long time..

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