Thursday, May 8, 2008

Strawberry Fields Update

A message from Strawberry Fields:

Just in case anyone was wondering wazzup...

1. As the result of late night negotiations last night, we have worked out a deal to stay around the rest of the month. All shows are still on. Street Hassle CD release this Saturday! We are going to ask that these last couple shows be $2 instead of $1 to help out with the lease extension, that would be ever so kind.

2. We will be opening at our new location Wednesday June 4th.

3. On May 23rd and 24th at Rubber Gloves we will be hosting a denton Deluxe showcase featuring bands that have appeared on our compilation and also who we have had the pleasure to host at the store. This was in the works long before all the drama, funny how things work out. Line up are as follows I think, if I am wrong about something here, please correct. It's been a hectic couple of weeks.

Friday 23rd:Nouns Group, Fight Bite, J.Gray, Florene, Vervulf, Violent Squid, Peach Street Gang (first ever live performance!), RTB2Saturday

May 24th:Kaboom!, Street Hassle, deep Snapper, Eat Avery's Bones, Delphi, Zanzibar Snails, The International

4. We would like to plan an all day all night rowdy ass party to see our dear friend off to sea. One last all day party at the fields. We need bands and DJs. We are going to open up the back part, which we had been working on for so long , and use it as an ass shaking dance area so we need some DJs. We are going to shake it till the cops kick us out. So get ready.

5. No more rentals until after the move. If you have a movie out please return it. Especially if it is pornography. If any one has questions and or comments open it up.

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Bon bon Jovi said...

Like any of this shit really matters.

Just put Ghostfacehuslter on a permanent loop outside a 7-11 store off campus and shut the fuck up.