Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Picking on the Observer Isn't Funny Anymore

The following list of Dallas Observer Music Award winners kinda slams home the point that making fun of the Observer and its amazing readers is sort of like picking on a retarded kid for being stupid. DJ Burlap? Fair to Midland's pussy asses winning best metal? 1100 Springs winning everything else? Maybe I SHOULD move to Austin:

Eleven Hundred Springs – Best Band

Sarah Jaffe – Best Solo Act

Eleven Hundred Springs - Best Album

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights - Best Blues Act

Eleven Hundred Springs - Best Country/Roots Act

Mom – Best Electronic/Experimental Act

Fair to Midland - Best Metal Act

Sarah Jaffe - Best Folk/Acoustic Act

Erykah Badu - Best Funk/R&B Act

Astronautalis - Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act

Snarky Puppy - Best Jazz Act

Sarah Jaffe - Best Female Vocalist

Good Records - Best Label

Salim Nourallah - Best Producer

Granada Theater - Best Venue

Good Records - Best Record Store

Kris Youmans - Best Booking Agent

Chelsea Callahan - Best Music Advocate

DJ Burlap - Best DJ

Sean Kirkpatrick - Best Instrumentalist

Boys Named Sue - Best Cover/Tribute Act

Matt Hillyer - Best Male Vocalist

Dove Hunter – Best Indie Act

THe BAcksliders - Best Hard Rock Act

"Slow Southern Home" - Doug Burr - Best Song

Whiskey Folk Ramblers & Tejas Brothers (tie)- Best New Act


Anonymous said...

so its cool to hate mom, right?

dad said...

thanks on behalf of my wife

chris said...

some good and some bad

Anonymous said...

I wonder when people will realize that you just can't let the public vote if you hope to have a shred of integrity/cred. But that's missing the point of generating web traffic and ad dollars, I know.

Anonymous said...

astronautalis hasn't lived in dallas in years.

Matt said...

So.... why don't you tell us who SHOULD have won the awards oh knower of 'good' music.

because I've seen this site endorse some 'acts' that are WAY shittier than these groups. Go ahead! Post 'em...Post who really is 'good' 'cause if you don't, you'll just confirm that you don't know what the fuck your talking about...

Thats what I thought...

what? said...

Having a 'best of music' competition in Dallas is like having
a 'best of beach front property'contest in Antarctica.

what? said...

Having a 'best of music' competition in Dallas is like having
a 'best of beach front property'contest in Antarctica.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, Morty, you auditioning for a Catskill's dinner theater gig with that bit? I'm not saying that joke was tired, I'm just saying it won't need any warm milk before retiring for the night! HEY-oh!

kyle said...

You can't fool everyone all at once.

Anonymous said...

Dear "That's What I Thought" Tuff-guy Matt,

This issue is more complicated than you're explaining it to be. So more importantly:

1. Tell us who you thought deserved to win.

2. What acts has this site talked about that are shittier than those that deserved to win, in your opinion?

who cares said...

aaron gonzalez said...

i salute the observer for giving me free beer and my chance to eat my first taste of hooters' legendary cuisine. huzza!

stonedranger said...

Hey Matt,

You should wait until you actually post your comment before you add the "thats what I thought" part. Like wait 6 or 7 hours from now, and when I still haven't posted a response, then you can say "thats what I thought." The effect will be much more dramatic, and it might even mask the fact that you're a completely clueless dipshit crybaby.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,that's WHAT I thought.

cliff notes said...

Pete Freedman shops at structure circa 98.. *sigh* 2 cents said...

The lesson to be learned from the observer awards is that if you base your act on acoustic instruments you have a better chance of winning best electronic act. If you are an acoustic based singer songwriter you have better chance of winning a good chunk of categories. If you play country then you can possibly sweep the awards. If winning this shit really matters to you you should give up what you are doing and start a very safe, adult Contemporary, accesible acoustic country band and spin classic country tunes in between your sets. You will OWN Dallas.

I wish that was an exageration.

I actually like Mom, but with bonfide internationally respected electronic producers like Convextion, Cygnus, Maetrik, Molecule and Mundo not even getting nominated for best electronic act.......whatevuh.

For the record I don't I should have been nominated for best DJ either. That nominee list for best DJ really just looked like it was made by people who simply don't listen to or pay attention to DJ culture at all. I can think of a quite a few vet DJ's that deserve the honor way more and none of them were even nominated.

Congrats to Sean Kirkpatrick though. He is my bro and he has been getting overlooked for over a decade. I am happy for him to get some kind of recognition even if it is from a weekly paper whose opinion has no integrity whatsoever.

Liles said...

erykah badu should have won best female vocalist, best album and best solo artist.

just sayin'. if she can be nominated for best r'n'b artist, then why not any of the other categories?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and where's Bowling for Soup, Pantera, Toadies, Badu, Meatloaf, Steve Miller, Deep Blue Something, and Blue October? Fuck, even Pimpadelic was signed! They should get something.

stonedranger said...

something tells me that Badu wouldn't give a flying fuck if she won an observer award. and rightly so.

stonedranger said...

something tells me that Badu wouldn't give a flying fuck if she won an observer award. and rightly so.

Liles said...

You're right. Badu wouldn't give a shit.

I guess we shouldn't either.

time for change says said...

why do we leave it up to the observer to hand out awards?

can't we as artists , musicians and promoters get together and host our own awards show?

congratulations to all that won , but i've always felt let down at the end of the observers version of best of.

sorry blixa said...

sean kirkpatrick's album licks goat balls.

Anonymous said...

So....does that mean it's bad?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's social life is just stunted.

Anonymous said...

the saying "licks goat balls" is actually a term of good will in mongolia

Anonymous said...

ive never even heard of dj burlap...

Anonymous said...

the saying "licks goat balls" is actually a term of good will in mongolia

Anonymous said...

the saying "licks goat balls" is actually a term of good will in mongolia

I don't get it.... said...

Awards show are intrinsically gay. Do you care who wins a grammy? They are generally shitty Michael Bolton types. And wouldn't it be worse if they allowed people to vote on this? Then why bitch. Someone who can't believe the winners of free newspaper awards contest has not been paying attention.

? said...

Time for the WSJR awards. Right? BTW, I'd really like to get Oneida out here sometime. Is anyone into them out here?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

who is Chelsea Callahan? is she the door girl from hailey's?

Anonymous said...

a good band gets a nod and you still fuss. amazing.

dtc said...

almost as amusing is the comments about the show on the observer blog.

Anonymous said...

who has time to read the observer's blog? honestly?

Anonymous said...

"Lil Wil repped hard" what a fucking douche. Pete Freedman doesn't even have a token black friend.

Braw 4 Crist said...

Crazy side note, I know this is not your uber-indie hipster rock(*like you guys favor usually) but how about a Christian or Christian rock catagory next year since there are major acts here in Dallas: the afters, ivoryline, flyleaf, mercyme, one minute halo, addison road, kessler, jeff johnson, playradioplay, eisley, etc. etc. Just a suggestion, love what you guys do for the scene, and big D,..mad respects,

Anonymous said...

oh brother...

Anonymous said...

i didn't know christ needed a bra....

Anonymous said...


the onieda people are friends with the old good/bad people. they played at the g/b space in denton a few times in the 90s, and they also played at their space in brooklyn a lot from what i understand. if you know any of those folks they could probably hook you up.

Blixaboys said...

I Know those guys from way back. I can put you in touch if you contact me.

Anonymous said...

cliff notes: what a lame, petty comment.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the bands that won these awards and the bands you people fluff up: These bands sell out venues.

If you can't figure out how this stuff works, you must be stupid.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the bands that won these awards and the bands you people fluff up: These bands sell out venues.

If you can't figure out how this stuff works, you must be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Really, Sarah J., Mom, Sean Kirkpatrick, DJ Burlap, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Backsliders, and Dove Hunter sell out venues? If you believe that, you might reconsider that "stupid" comment.

lester burlap said...

i'm really pissed that dj burlap stole my last name.

richardson heights said...

this band so does not deserve a Wikipedia entry:


Anonymous said...

scarlett johannson's album > the dallas observer awards > tom waits

fracas, felix flores, valentino said...

hey guys! come out to the cavern friday, august 1st and check out some 'real-ass' rock n' roll. you can even wear skinny jeans and mascara if you want! i promise the observer is not invited, so no need to hide behind your free newspaper stand in fear.

fracas, felix flores, valentino said...

hey guys! come out to the cavern friday, august 1st and check out some 'real-ass' rock n' roll. you can even wear skinny jeans and mascara if you want! i promise the observer is not invited, so no need to hide behind your free newspaper stand in fear.

cliff notes said...

11:14 : sorry pete

Anonymous said...

check out wanzie gettin' all cynical..
maybe there's hope for you yet, brah.

Anonymous said...

Who is Astronilus!?

drex said...

thats the nickname i gave your MOM

Anonymous said...

Someone said, 'a good band". That's an oxymoron these days though The Observer doesn't understand that. Any band with electric guitars,base, and drums is just trying to fit into a 50 year old mold. Time for a revolution in rock. Post-bands music is starting here in Dallas. It's way over due. Music has become boooooring.

Tom Hendricks (Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar) said...

Someone said, 'a good band". That's an oxymoron these days though The Observer doesn't understand that. Any band with electric guitars,base, and drums is just trying to fit into a 50 year old mold. Time for a revolution in rock. Post-bands music is starting here in Dallas. It's way over due. Music has become boooooring.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you're fucking stupid. "Post-bands" music has been in Dallas for decades. It's not just starting out. I can name at least 50 bands/groups/people/whatever you want to call them in DFWd currently that don't use the traditional guitar/bass/drums setup, and do new and interesting things with their music. Music hasn't become boring, you're just too fucking lazy to look for good music. And there's no excuse for that laziness these days. The internet has made it easy enough for a 4 year old with Down's to find enough good music to last lifetimes.

And there are still good bands that use only guitar/bass/drums, who are doing new and inventive things with that lineup. Open your mind, and shut your fucking mouth.

Anonymous said...

it's funny and will continue to be.................

Anonymous said...

scarlett johannson's voice>hunkasaurus and his pet dog guitar band >tom waits

Anonymous said...

Tom Hendricks writes and performs very safe, standard, already-been-done-for-decades music for someone arguing the necessity of a revolution in music. Talk about BORING. Lead the charge toward change or STFU and quit playing music you pathetic, wrinkled nobody.

stonedranger said...

Tom Hendricks is very strange, and I wish he would explain a little more about what "post band music" means.

And I'm starting to love these "Greater than" comments. Lets try one:

1113>Tom Hendricks>Kyle>Bobby Ewing Dreams

? said...

Wow, bobby ewing dreams. Haven't thought about that pathetic blog in a long while.

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informant said...

OH fMAN, THA SUX. STOEDRAGER SHUD HAVE WUN WITH HIS BAN NOUN GRUP. THEIR WAYY WAY WAY WAY More progressive than any band on this list could possibly hope to be

Fabian Mercer said...

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