Wednesday, July 9, 2008

senate votes on the telcos free pass

Today (7/9/2008) the FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) bill comes to a vote on the senate floor. The new version of FISA grants immunity to the telcos from lawsuits for their cooperation with the government on domestic spying post 9/11.

Some say all those that support the bill should be punished

Obama who originally opposed the bill; now supports the bill to look "tough" on the terrorist.

here are some back stories.
Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut
AT&T Whistle-Blower Hits D.C. To Stop Telcom Spying Immunity


Anonymous said...

this has now passed.
both the house, and senate.
president bush will sign into law shortly.

thanks obama; from a promise of a filibuster to flat out voting for it.

Anonymous said...

this is for civil lawsuits. They do not get immunity from criminally suing them.

jesse jackson said...

fuck obama

cliff notes said...

6:27 so that's an acceptable compromise? Giving telcos immunity from their pesky customers?? We will see how much different an obama administration is from bush's when it comes to helping out poor defenseless multinationals.

6:27 said...

I'm just saying that though this travesty passed, they still aren't totally off the hook. Also, the extension of power to the president won't be an issue once obama takes office. I hope. How bad could it be? :(

Anonymous said...

Watch Obama float towards the center.

Or thats the CW floating around now.

r javelinn said...

? said...

Anyone read the 35 articles of impeachment? This confirms my fear that there will not be an '08 election.

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