Monday, July 28, 2008

WSJR And Our Readers Featured in D Magazine

D Magazine kicked a shout out to us in their most recent issue, the 2008 Best of Big D. Our staff was awarded the "Best Watchdog" award, and they even gave props to our anonymous commenters. Sweet. Read it here.


josh baish said...

hooray. we should all be very proud of ourselves.

Eurononymous said...

There's no better way to celebrate a mention in D than to snort a line of coke off a pair of fake tits. You've earned it.

stonedranger said...


i hope said...

some milfs from the suburbs start coming out to my shows. i am single.

john of flesh
info: at or

Anonymous said...

Come out to shows! We wont bite. We might stink a little bit at first, but that's just the cred. You'll get used to it.

Anonymous said...

btw, I wish I could see reactions to the kyle videos. SR, make it happen.

Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you very much...

Anonymous said...

wiffle balls off dull egg shells

Anonymous said...

surprisingly tasteful! congratulations

Fielding Mellish said...

Hey everybody let's use our real names in this post!

Dan Fielding said...

Good idea, 5:05. I am Dan Fielding, the snarky attorney from television's Night Court.

Younas Kaboul said...

I was just skimmed the article than linked over to this webpage and, personally, I find nothing funny about your outrageous antics. They are stupid.


Younas Kaboul said...

I just skimmed the article than linked over to this webpage and, personally, I find nothing funny about your outrageous antics. They are stupid.


eurononymous said...

They featured my myspace profile (RIP) on Frontburner once and all I got was the clap. Don't hate, Eunice Kabul.

eurononymous said...

They featured my myspace profile (RIP) on Frontburner once and all I got was the clap. Don't hate, Eunice Kabul.

Eunice Kaboul said...

I just skimmed the article than linked over to this webpage and, personally, I find nothing funny about your outrageous antics. I are stupid.


Anonymous said...

john of flesh

are you into dilfs?

Anonymous said...

to 8:03pm

DAUGHTERs yes. DADs no.

thanks for your concern,
parade of john

d magazine subscriber said...

Hi, I'm Chris Hansen of NBC Dateline's "To Catch A Predator".

Why don't you have a seat? Let's go over the transcripts of your most recent visit to WSR.

The Invisible Pedestrian said...


D Magazine is the absolute douchiest of douchebag magazines, out-douching Douche Aficionado, Douche Edge and Texas Monthly.

An honorary seat on The Dallas Citizens Council is sure to follow.

Anonymous said...


zac said...

shouldn't it be "mentioned" rather than "featured"?


did you frame that shit and hang it on the wall at Jamba Juice?

stonedranger said...

hey Zac, you're a scenester dirtbag and absolutely no one respects you. thanks for reading!

Matt said...

Proud of this accomplishment???

You hate on the Observer, but your're glad to be in D Magazine?

Wow. And this is an artsy site?

Anonymous said...

matt, i bet you're the next vincent van nogh.

Anonymous said...

screw the observer! D MAGAZINE FOR LIFE!

Anonymous said...


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